Welcome to the D'Aurizio Law Offices, PLLC

Our emphasis is real estate and helping people plan for the future.

Most of our practice is real estate transactions. Our firm has been handling real estate transactions for more than half a century. Our professionals all have at least ten years of experience in our field. We’ve handled tens of thousands of closings. Our clients range from first-time home buyers to seasoned real estate investors and mortgage lenders. We handle properties from single family houses to apartment complexes, office buildings, sports complexes, manufacturing facilities and farm land.

Lawyers learn through experience. Experience matters when you are buyer or selling real estate. We offer the experience you need, at prices you can afford. We encourage you to call us with questions, and we’ll give you advice on anything from choosing a realtor or mortgage lender, to how to deal with an inspection issue. Our fees are fixed; you won’t pay extra for the questions. We would rather spend to time to educate you so that you can make informed decisions than try to fix a bad decision later.

We can also help you plan for life’s milestones. We can help you prepare a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, or Health Care Proxy. We also handle Probate and Estate Administration and can guide you or your family members through this difficult time.

We also help our clients who run small businesses with the formation of Corporations and LLCs, and advice on how to run those businesses.

We encourage our clients to call with any legal question. If we can’t help, we can recommend someone who can.