Estates and Probate

The death of loved one brings many challenges and can sometimes be overwhelming. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you or your family members through these trying times. Our goal is to carry out the decedent’s wishes as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

We meet with the family members as soon as it’s convenient for them, review the decedent’s will and assets and discuss the alternatives available. Often we are advising family members that they don’t need to bring a probate proceeding, that assets can be transferred without a court order. We’ll explain how to make the transfer and whom to contact, or offer to make the transfers for them, if they prefer. We leave the option to the client.

When a probate or administration proceeding is required, we work with family members, executors, accountants and others to:

  • Advise and Guide the family
  • Locate the original will and witnesses
  • Prepare and file the probate/administration petition
  • Assist the Executor to liquidate assets
  • Respond to creditor’s claims
  • Settle real estate issues
  • Pay remaining debts and obligations
  • Resolve unforseen issues
  • Prepare the Accounting
  • Distribute beneficiary’s shares or property
  • Prepare and collect the receipts and releases from each beneficiary
  • File all the forms required to close the estate